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If you recently purchased a 9-16 ft x 9-16 ft Gazebo Model: 9038633 this item is not ours.

We are not responsible for broken or missing parts.

If you are looking for missing parts please return to the store you purchased it at.

You may be able to purchase parts at some of these may work with this model but we do not guarantee this and there is no return with Gazebo parts.

6 Drawer Organizer Model #11222722CB

Attention Family Dollar Customers

If you purchased a 6 Drawer Organizer Model #11222722CB / FDS SKU #0615929
UPC #032251041198          FDS Order #33992919

The instructions placed inside the product maybe incorrect.

Please download the correct version to match your product.

Download Here

Digital Photo Ornament

You Must Be An Administrator?
I uploaded the photos I want to display on the Digital Photo Ornament, but it won’t allow me to save them.

I get a “You must be an administrator…” comment whenever I try to save.
The thing is, I am the network administrator on my family’s laptop.

Not according to Windows 7.

Possible Answer Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Question of the month:

I am not able to insert the keyboard drawer into the Computer Desk.
How do I correct this?

Gazebo / Screened House
How do I connect tubes #1 and #3 together?

I misplaced or lost the connectors on old Gazebo.
Where can I get new ones?

For more FAQs click here.

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